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Ho Chi Min to Muine

We got up early to get our 1st Open Tour Bus to Muine but things didnt exactly go to to plan! When we got the the tour place we found out the guy had charged us 10 dollars less than he should have so it wasn't a good deal after all (boo!)then Chi took a malaria tablet without eating 1st and starting puking on the way to the bus! Then we got on the bus and Dani fell down the hole that leads to the toilet! She took a massive chunck of leg out you could see a massive section of bone on her shin it was rank lol. We all started panicking (seeing a bone will do that to you) and were shouting at the driver to stop so we could get off and go to the hospital. Wierdly it didnt really bleed but when she moved the skin around it you could see the leg actually sliding up and down the bone - that dosnt even explain how gross it was haha We got a taxi to the hospital and Danni got 3 stitches on her leg - it looked alright afterwards haha. The hospital was well strange it looked so dirty and there were ppl lying on beds all round the reception desk!

After that we walked back to the tour place to book the 2nd bus in the evening and left our bags there then we hung around in HCMC for the day. Although it started out really shite it was a cool day we love HCMC so much we just hung around sent all our post cards, ate loads and chilled. In the evening we found a buy one get one free burger place but as there are 3 of us we had to get 4 haha they were delicious but we looked like right fatties. Then we went and watched the outdopor aerobics in the park its well good and free! They should do that in England! I also swapped 4 of my really tatty books for 3 brand spanking new photocopies! happy! (They photocopy the books here and re-sell them) I thought i'd got Q & A which is the original book version of Slum Dog Millionaire but it was actually How to Lose Friends and Alienate ppl - oh well lol. We finally got on our sleeper bus and were on our way to Muine!

Sleeper busses are disgusting. 3 rows of bunk beds with unwashed blankets and pillows - errr they also make everyone take their shoes off so they dont smell great and if your on the top you have the A/C right in your face! And they pack so many ppl on them its ridiculous the conducter sleeps in a hammock in between the rows! It was supposed to take 4 hours but it took 6 so we didnt get to Muine till 2am!

We got off the bus in the middle of a street, it was dark and we didnt know where we were Luckily 3 motorbikes came along and gave us a lift to a guesthouse with our massive backpacks at one point they had to get up a hill it was a struggle lol wobbling all over the place!


We woke up and went outside and we were on the beach! Couldnt believe it it was beautiful and we didnt even realise the night before it was so dark! I instantly loved Muine lol. We arranged with the guesthouse lady to go and see the sand dunes. We thought we were going in a massive tour bus but it was a jeep that picked us up with just us! much better! We had to climb in the back of the jeep with no doors - hard work. We stopped along the way to take pictures and this man walked past with his willie out haha Dani was telling me and I was like no way! turned around and he was squatting having a shite! lol so funny these little girls were telling us he's crazy haha

We drove on to the white sand dunes and they were amazing - I'v seen sand dunes in Dubai but these were different they weren't in desert for a start they were surrounded by countryside and water! These little scam artist kids sold us pieces of plastic lino stuff to slide down the dunes with - they were rubbish haha it was funny trying though we usually just ended up buried in sand! It was so windy aswell we were getting blasted with sand and it got in our cameras. After about an hour of failing to slide down the sand dunes we went back to the jeep and to the red sand dunes. We got out and this little old lady came started pushing me up the dune haha when we got to the top she dug out a slide path and I went down twice it was much better - she showed us how it was done lol she was really nice!

After this our driver dropped us at the side of a road and pointed to an alley. We didnt know what we were doing there and it stank of fish sauce (they make it there apparently) so we just followed a path that lead to the bank of a really rank looking stream - we still didnt know what we were supposed to do then this little kid jumped in and told us to follow - turns out its the Fairy river its really shallow and you can walk all the way along it! Once we got past the fish sauce factory it was amazing the banks were made of wierd sand montains on one side and green vegetation on the other it was incredible! Unfortunately Dani & Chi's camera's had taken too much sand on the dunes and stopped working and mine was out of batteries so we didnt get very good pictures! We bumped into some of the ppl we met on the border crossing bus and had a chat. When we'd walked far enough we turned back and realised why it was called the Fairy river - its so shallow that the sun makes really pretty light patterns on the water it was wkd! After this we got dropped off at the gusthouse & walked to the beach there were hundreds of kite surfers in the water. The waves were massive I spent hours in there just jumping about on my own lol (Dani's leg meant she couldnt go in). It reminded me of being on holiday when I was younger and jumping about in the waves with my dad. Later we stopped off and brought a bottle of cheapo wine and drank it getting ready then had the best seafood dinner ever on the beach! it was cheap too! Chi had a fish and before they brought it out to him it was swimming happily in a tank on the counter we felt bad lol. Muine was a wkd place we wished we'd had more time to explore!

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Ho Chi Min City!!! (I prefer Saigon)

overcast 27 °C


The border crossing from Phnom Pehn to Saigon was the easiest yet. We already had our visa's sorted so we just got on the bus for a bit, got off for some food, got back on till the border, went through border control, got back on the bus and arrived in Saigon! Far too easy =P

The best bit about the bus journey was the people, we met a couple from up North, a Dutch guy and another English man who was telling us all his travelling stories...he kept saying "Well back then I was the only white boy in town" haha. His stories were good (if maybe exaggerated) about travelling in the past. I think he liked it that he had loads of young ppl listening to him.

When we got off the bus in Saigon there were loads of tuk tuk drivers as usual and then this man popped up and said to follow him he knew a cheapo guesthouse so we went and it was alright! It had walls which was a big improvement on the last place and all for $4! We dropped our stuff and went for a walk around it is so unbelieveably busy here. The motorbike traffic is unreal but also really pretty - they all wear multi coloured helmets! much better than car traffic.

The traffic has been mad everywhere we'v been in SE Asia but this is the worst/best. Most of the big roads dont have signals for pedestrians so you literally have to walk calmly and steadily into oncoming traffic and hope for the best because otherwise you'll just be stuck on the side of the road. Its best not to look because you instantly want to run if you see 4 lanes of motorbikes driving straight at you ... but if you walk slow they can go around you whereas if you run they dont get the chance...eeek.. Dani & Chi are much better at it than me!

We went for a really nice meal and a beer to celebrate being in Vietnam and watched the street. Vietnam has also got the wierdest electrical system i'v ever seen! They have millions of electricity pylons all hanging all over the place. If you had a 1st floor balcony here you'd be looking into a wall of electricity pylons - it looks really safe lol.

After our meal we walked around a bit more and looked on Travelfish for stuff to do in the city. Then we walked about some more. I didnt think i'd like Ho Chi Min but I love it! There is so much going on everywhere you can just sit and watch for ages and its fun! haha


The next day we took a walk around. Even though we were in a mental city it still felt like a Sunday. We found a huge nice park and went to the market. This market was much better than the Russian one we went to in Cambodia! The ppl were much more aggressive and the bantering was much better too! I got some new Sunnies for $4! very nice lol...

After that we went and had a Vietnamese coffee in the park -mmmm - strong ice coffee with condensed milk...mmmm

We had brought tickets for the water puppet show which the English guy from the border crossing bus said we should go to. It was really wierd and bizarre haha we couldnt figure out how they did it. The sound effects and music were really good but the actual pouppet show was a bit strange - in Vietnamese so we had no clue what was happening lol. Good for kids I think (not mature adults like us!)

That night we met up with the ppl we met on the border crossing bus. it was the girl's (another Dannii) birthday and the footie was on so we all met up for a few drinks. It was fun but we had to go to sports bars which were too expenisve for us so we didnt stay out long. The Northern couple (Dannii & Tom) got ripped off by a cyclo driver (Cyclos = A man riding a bike with a big pram attached to the front that you sit in). He took them around a few sites, they brought him lunch and beer and then he charged them 4 million dong! (120 pounds!) I cant believe they paid it! I would have run off screaming! I felt really sorry for her it was her bday as well!


Chi & Dani wanted to go to the Cu Chi tunnels (An impressive network of tiny tunnels where the Viet Cong lived during the Vietnam War) But I wasnt so sure I didnt think i'd want 2 go in them and I wasnt sure if it would be my thing so I was just going to hang around the city and see a few sites. But when I told the guest house lady she gave me a telling off saying "When you tell people you come to Vietnam but you not see tunnel they be very surprised! you cannot talk to them you can only listen to them say they had good time! This very bad for you! You go on my tour of tunnel be very good for you! everybody say they have good time!" haha she went on and on and on so in the end I gave in and went with them.

It was actually a really good day! Not because the tunnels were that exciting really (interesting though!) but because our tour guide - as usual - was a nut nut. He was so excited telling us about how easy it was to kill Americans! "You just turn shoot them in the back! they fall on bamboo spear! Easy!" haha he looked so happy telling su all this lol. We also watched a film showing the Viet Cong who had been awarded Medals for "Hero of American killings" lol. The actual tunnels were nuts they were tiny and ppl used to live in them! For some stupid reason I thought it would be a good idea to go down the enlarged tunnel for tourists (itw as not enlarged enough) it was horrible! It was nearly completely dark and you had to shuiffle along crouched down and it was hot and eurgh...when I came out my legs felt like jelly...such a wierd feeling...and ppl used to live in smaller ones! Never again!

At the end of the tour we sat down to eat what the Viet Cong ate - Tapioca (not in pudding form) and tea! It was actually nice it was like boiled potatao!

Afterwards we got the bus back to town and went to the War Remnants museum about the Vietnam War. It was devastating - especially the Agent Orange & Napalm victims. It showed pictures of babies who have been born deformed because they'r parents were exposed. It was so horrible because even after the war finished the people who survived still have to deal with the after effects. So sad. We were told that its really biased and it was but how are they supposed to show the war from the other perspective? and why would they? I thought it was really well put together and it showed the stages of the war from beginning to end.

Tonight we have just been sorting out tarvel plans for the next 2 weeks in Vietnam... Its expensive as its a lot of country to cover! We managed to get an open bus ticket from Ho Chi Min to Hanoi stopping at 4 other destinations along the way for 17 pounds! bargain...but then we had to book a flight back to HCMC and that wasnt so cheap...oh well you win some you lose some lol

I am finally up to date on the blog!! Also congratulations to Tamsin & Rob who have got engaged!! (no wedding till I get home!)

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Phnom Pehn

sunny 28 °C

24/11/2009 We finally managed to get out of Siem Reap it felt like we had been stuck there for days haha. We loved it though its a great place and really compact which is nice because you can do loads and spend lots of time just wandering around which has become our speciality lol. Next stop is the capital Phnom Penh! The bus took ages as we had to stop every hour - I think this is just the Camdians do it lol. When we arrived it was mental there were Tuk Tuk drivers crowding the door to the bus we had to fight our way out - we could tell straight away that we were not in laid back Siem Reap anymore lol We managed to negotiate with a group of tuk tuk drivers and he took us to the cheapest guesthouse he knew. We arrived at the Green Lake Guesthouse which was wkd! it cost $1.60 for the room (our cheapest yet) the room is an actual grot-hole haha none of the walls reach the ceiling, there is a toilet in our room but its tiny and the shower is hung above the toilet so when you shower you have to do it on the toilet lol. But its right on the Boeng Kak Lake and out the back of the guesthouse is an open bar/restuarant/communal area with comfy chairs, DVD Player, I-Pod, Pool Table. You can chill out there and dont really need to be in the room haha. The area is really nice its got a hippie/beach vibe going on (even though theres no beach just a highly polluted toxic lake haha) We had a wander then chilled out back at the guesthouse.

25/11/2009 We woke up early to get our tuk tuk to The Killing Fields & S21 to learn about the horribleness of the Kymer Rouge Rule. 1st stop was The Killing Fields - I wasn't sure what to expect - you dont really look forward to a day like this. We got dropped off and went in and 1st went to see the monument which has been built to show respect to the thousands of people who died. Its really eirie because the monument has 17 levels of skulls and bones which were recovered from the mass graves around the site. Around 30 years ago Pol Pot and the Kymer Rouge moved everybody out of the cities to the countryside and had a vision of a classless society. They killed anyone who was educated as they thought that only uneducated people would be able be in the new regime. They killed whole families as they thought that the children would grow up and seek revenge - ridiculous. Afterwards we walked around the mass graves, not all of them have been uncovered and on the paths there are still clothes and bones sticking out of the ground it was horrible. Really sad and sensless! Thats just one of hundreds of killing fields all over Cambodia! Next we went back to town to the S21 which is the security prison (used to be a high-school) where the Kymer Rouge took people to torture them and get confessions. When they got there they found the last people who had been tortured chained to the beds and in the rooms where they were found they had pictures of the poeple. It was gruesome! We walked around all of the prison, other than the cells and torture rooms they had rooms anbd rooms of peoples picturees showing the people who had been there - so sad there were tiny babies, old people, men, women.... They also had exhibitions about what happened there. One of the exhibitions was about the people who had worked there at S-21 and another one was about people who had been displaced from the city to the countryside. It was really informative and I'm glad I saw it and learned about it but it was not a nice day. Afterwards we walked back to the hostel for dinner and another chilled evening by the lake.

26/11/2009 We decided to tackle the Russion & Central markets except we never made it to the Central one. We got a tuk tuk to The Russian Market which is the most claustrophobic place in the world rows and rows of tightly packed stalls and shops selling clothes, bags, shoes, food, and everything you can think of. We didnt do much shopping though it was a bit mad in there. Afterwards we took a long slow walk back stopping along the way by the Tongle Sap river which looks just as rank and polluted as the lake we were staying by lol.

That night we decided to go to the roller disco (hmm) we got there and they started chucking random skanky hundred year old skates at us (no sizes they just guess) it was our fault for choosing the cheapest option lol. Then we were off it was so hot in there and it was just us and loads of Cambodian kids kicking our arses on the ramps lol. A little girl asked Dani for her number? After about an hour we'd had enough and sweated far too much! We gave back the rank skates, threw away our socks and went back to the hostel.

That night we went for a few cheapo vodkas and it was all good until some drunk Canadian idiot mistook me for a boy! I was NOT happy lol - this hair causes nothing but trouble! After that we went back to the hostel and had beans on toast with cheese.... Very Cambodian lol


We had heard about a waterpark with slides and wave pools ect so we decided to hunt it down. We tried to be hard core and walk the 6Km's but we got lost and it was hot so we gave in and got a tuk tuk...we really should not have bothered! We walked in and could tell straight away we had been mugged off. 1st of all we couldnt hear any water, a bit worrying for a water park. 2nd the place was deserted! They had like 6 slides. 3 of them went into a pool with no water and the other 3 were switched off. They had slow rapids ride which was green and moldy like pond water. They had one pool for lane swimming. We asked them to turn the slides on which they did for us to ahve one go then they turned them back off. We had already paid to get in and it took ages to get there so we decided to stay and chillout in the lane pool it was a rubbish day lol Me & Dani got rubber rings and floated and read our books all day then slept. That was it!

That night was our last in Phnom Pehn as we were leaving for Vietnam in the morning so we packed our bags and had (another) chilled night at the hostel.

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Bangkok - Siem Reap

sunny 27 °C

We had to go back to Bangkok to pick up my passport from the visa place but none of us were really looking forward to it but then when we got there it was great! After 3 days in a really quiet, secluded beach its great to be somewhere so lively.

We picked up my passport and tried to book the coach to the border but the woman was being really unhelpful so we ran to another place and booked it there with about 5 minutes to spare. After that we walked up and down the Khao San Road about 20 times enjoing being out and about after dark! Then we went to eat the worst food i'v ever had in my life it was really shite - none of us wanted to pay for it esp. as you can get street food which is much better and about half the price!

We went and swapped our books for new ones and wandered about a bit more - we were trying to kill time until 1am so we could use the free internet. We made it till about 12.45 then gave in - you can only do so much on that Khao San Road. Skyped Marcie & Ja-Ja (4 YEARS OLD!) to sing happy birthday and spoke to Rob then went back to the hostel. Got back and realised that we didnt book any accommodation for Cambodia so had to go back to the internet cafe. Then it was back to the hostel - we had to get the bus at 7am!


We woke up - really tired from the night before and walked around the corner to get our bus to Cambodia... us and a really nervous Czech bloke were the 1st ones there! We got some snacks and then got on the bus with Jo & Stu from the China tour! The rest of the journey was pretty uneventful to the Poi Pet border. Checked out of Thailand and then walked across no mans land to Cambodia! Checked into Cambodia & got back on the bus. Easy!

On the Cambodian side we had a really hyper bloke - noone could understand a word he said except "or something like that" which he said at the end of every sentence then after talking for 30 minutes he burst into a Boyzone song? It was very very wierd lol. The journey from the border to Siem Reap was only a few hours but every hour they would stop the bus, everyone would get off for no reason - I think they were trying to encourage us to buy food and stuff from the places but you cant eat every hour! Especially as we all had lunch at the Thai border.. anyways...

We had a hostel booked already for Siem Reap but they dropped us at a different hotel anyways and then got us a tuk tuk to our booked one which was full! It was alright though because we ended up in a 12 bed dorm room to ourselves. We dropped our stuff off and went for a wander and some food. Siem Reap is not what I expected at all! We were thinking war-torn, bit dodgey, dirty ect its not anything like that! Its really nice and clean looking! there are hundreds of nice guest houses and hotels all over the place, markets and restuarants and bars and clubs. Its also tiny all compacted into a really small area. I liked it straight away. We had some food in a restuarant with free popcorn, rice and fruit!

1st thing I noticed was how many street kids and beggars and sellers there are in Cambodia. Kids and Mine Victims are all over the place selling books and other stuff but most people dont beg they sell. Everywhere says not to buy from Children as they dont get any of the money and it promotes child exploitation - its hard to say no.


We woke up at like 4.30am to get our tuk tuk to Angor Wat for sunrise. Even at that time in the morning it was rammed with ppl. The sunrise was okay but not that spectatcular. Afterwards we sat and had a coffee with about half a can of condensed milk in it - then a dog puked up what looked like half a can of condensed milk right in front of us it was really rank ha!

We went back to the tuk tuk to the next temple and got ambushed by loads of kids - "Hey Lady you want bracelet, postcard I give you 5 for $1! You want book??" ahh they drive you mad lol - We got some postcards and bracelets then escaped - one of them got really annoyed with Dani as she had said no to some bracelets then brought them of someone else lol. They are hardwork, when you say no they'r like "ohh I cry!" and start spouting out all the facts they know about England haha.

Our tuk tuk took us around all of the temples of Angkor. My favourite was Bayon with all the faces carved in stone..they are massive and so intricate its hard to believe they were made so long ago. We had a great time climbing and exploring all the temples it was hard work because it was so hot and there are so many ppl. We managed to stay ahead of the crowds for the 1st few temples and then we got swamped for the rest of the day! I also loved the temple where Tomb Raider was filmed with the massive roots smashing through the walls. We had lunch there - we had brought cheese and yoghurts for lunch but we forgot them so we had to make do with crsips sandwiches and fruit.

Towards the end of the afternoon we sat in Angkor Wat and had a chat waiting for sunset. Sunset was the same as sunrise - not that spectacular haha. We saw a really visious monkey though - Dani had an Orange so we were feeding it but if you left your hands there for too long it would bare its teeth and look like it was going for you...

After sunset it was back to town on the tuk tuk. That night we ate a wkd Amok curry for really cheap and then went to bar street for a few drinks - we were messing about with the tuk tuk drivers outside. The bar next door had a live band and everyone was dancing in the street - a few vods later it was home to bed.


The next morning we checked out of the hostel. We had decided to book into a hostel with a pool because there wasn't much we wanted to do in the day time and it only cost an extyra $1. When we got there our hostel was full so we went to a different one - at 1st we thought it was great as it was huge - we didnt realise till later that the pool was the size of a bath and you could only fit 3 sun loungers around it at a time ha it was rubbish. That night we ate street food for really cheap and watched the football (Chi watched the football) . I wanted to watch a film at another hostel called about The Kymer Rouge but they showed the footie instead (just like home!)


Our 1st night we'd heard about a pool party at another hostel so we went to find it (we were desperate for a pool!) we eventually found it but it was indoors so we went in search of our original fully-booked hostel to see if that one had a better pool. We found it after about an hour of walking about in the sun getting annoyed - practically next door to the hostel we were staying in ha we sat and chilled out 4 a bit then went back to the pool party. It was a good night we had actual massive bbq sausages and chips (Very Cambodian!) and met a boke who had crossed the border with us. He told us that where he was staying cost $1 per night and was a mattress in the hallway with a mosquito net! We felt bad for spending $4 to get a room with a pool (which was a waste of time) and vowed to sleep cheap from then on lol.

After the pool party we went to a bar called Angkor What? and had a boogie and too much cheap vodka then went back to the hostel.


The next day we didnt do much at all we were supposed to be leaving but didnt sort it out in time! (read: hanging). We stayed at the bath-pool for a bit and chilled out. I got speaking to Virbol the hostel receptionist and he told me that he gets paid $50 per month! he works and studies at university as well! Really made me think about my life... Money is so important - it decides what you can and cant do ect and I'm also whineing about money at home...havn't got enough ect...imagine getting paid $50 a month! Cambodia is not even that cheap! (For Tourists anyways) He was really nice I set up a Facebook account for him and promised to upload some pictures for him.

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Rayong/ Bam Phae Beach

sunny 30 °C

We decided that we wanted some beach time before we left for Cambodia & Vietnam and we were going to go to Pattaya but we heard rubbish things about it so we decided on Rayong instead. The bus journey was only supposed to be a few hours - nothing compared to the night busses but it turned into the worst journey! The bus driver stopped about a million times along the way for various reasons, petrol, food, chat to friends ect. It was boilinga nd the bus seats were made of plastic so we were sticking to them - urgh it was not good lol. By the time we got to Rayong it was pitch black darkness and we had to get a tuk tuk to our booked hostel - The Roots Reggae Bar.

Ohmygod - The Roots Reggae Bar. We had booked it the night before on Hostel Bookers it cost about 1.20 for a private room haha should have known! We got there and the shutters were down so then a random bloke told us to wait there and he went and started shouting at someone. We waited for a bit and then a French bloke came down stoned out of his face rolling a joint. He explained that the hostel is actually not open (great) but we could stay there if we wanted as we had paid a deposit. It was late and really dark so we just thought might as well. We walked through the bar and restuarant it looked as though at some point he had just shut the doors and left it exactly the same way for ages. It was really creepy he said that they were having a refurb but it didnt look like that. He showed us some really gross rooms - my room had no window and a fan that was covered in yellow dust and gloop. There was nothing else in the room except a beg. Dani & Chi's room had a balcony that looked out onto another building and some corrugated iron roof haha we were the only ppl in the whole hostel except the french bloke who showed us the room and then left us to it. It was awful!

We decided to go out because it was too depressing in those rooms and just freaked ourselves out even more walking on a deserted, pitch black beach road. It was like a scene out of a slasher movie. Everything was creepy and wierd. We went to eat in a nomalish looking bar and luckily got chatting to the bloke who's wife ran the place. He was Belgian and a Diamond Manufacturer or something he was making us laugh telling us about his life and we had a wkd Belgian burger - cheered us up!

He told us about a hotel down the road called Laempha Hotel which was really nice & cheap for the next day he was like "its run by homo's but I like those guys!"

After that it was back to the horror hostel to sleep. I slept in all my clothes ontop of the covers no way was i getting in there!


The next morning we got up early got our packs and wanted to get out of there as soona s possible. We had to bang on the French guys doors to open the shutters and to pay him (he told us to let ourselves out and leave the money on the bar!)

The Belgian Diamond dealer had said that he would arrange for a car to pick us up and take us to the Leampha Inn at 11am but we just wanted to go so we walked for 2 hours down the road to the hotel with our backpacks - it was alright we had to silent disco it halfway with our I-Pods to get us through but we made it - and felt pretty pleased with ourselves but we must have looked a right state! haha.

We checked in and this hostel was the same price as the horror hostel but really really gorgeous it had a massive room with a balcony, garden and was brand new and was set just off the beach in a cove. It was great we felt chaeted that we paid the French Stoner Bloke any money! The Belgian bloke was right it was full of Gay couples and their Thai boyfriends haha

For the rest of the day we sat at the beach and chilled out! It was gorgeous and pretty much deserted except for fishermen. Everything closes when the sun goes down pretty much but we managed to find a place to eat for really cheap down on the beach. Luckily a Belgian couple were there with their Thai Boy so he ordered for us or else we wouldnt have been able to order anything!

The rest of the night we just played cards and chilled out.


The next day we did the same again chilled at the beach, swam and did some running. I was trying to see if I could get my passport couriered to me in Rayong from Bangkok so that I didnt ahve to go back to Bangkok to collect it from the visa place but I couldnt so this would be our last day in Rayong (Sniff)

That night we decided to walk into town to get some food. It took about an hour and a half to get there but we found a wkd restuyarant so it was worth it! the walk on the way back was the worst walk of my life - I'm really scared of dogs that bark (quiet dogs are okay). The road was really quiet and dark except when you walked past a house the dogs would go beserk and run towards us - it was terrifying haha there were also yellow frogs jumping about everywhere. Then we saw a crab running in the road - excewpt it wasnt a crab it was a massive hairy tuarantula looking spider! hwe took some pictures then walked off as quick as we could without running (didnt want the dogs to chase us) it was horrible.

Back at the hostel a couple of ppl had been night swimming to see the phospherence (I think thats wat its called - when it glitters in the water?) so we went down to the beach with torch but only paddled so we didnt see any. They said when we got back that you needed to swim out further to see it.

Had enough of animals for one day without swimming in the seaat night so we left it.


Woke up went for a run on the beach and a quick swim then got our stuff together abnd checked out of our beach retreat. Then we walked for ages back up the road to get a tuk tuk to the coach station to take us back to Bangkok!

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