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Vientienne - Bangkok

sunny 30 °C

The next morning we woke up late to get our bus! We had to chuck everything in the backpacks and run! Its the 1st time we'v been late which is an achievement since we dont have an alarm clock!

Got on the bus for our last stop in Laos - The Capital Vientienne!

We arrived, checked in and went for a walk around the Capital of Laos which is about the size of the Polygon in Southampton ha its tiny! Me, Dani & Lechae decided to hunt down the public swimming pool and get some tanning done. It was quite a nice pool! There were these 2 kids there a boy and girl running around terrorizing ha they painted mine and Dani's nails for us and were taking random pictures of each other and us with my camera. Reminded me of Ja-Ja ha. It was nice just to be chilling out by a pool after being constantly on the move for 3 weeks.

After a few hours tanning we went back to the guest house to get ready for dinner with the group. It was the funniest meal i'v ever had. It was in a really nice restuarant we sat oustide with pretty lights everywhere. Nicole told us that they give the local teenagers jobs there to train them up in the hospitality business. ha it took about 2 hours for all our food/drinks to come out and our waiter was a really gay man just running about giggling the whole time he was the worst waiter ever but no-one really minded because he was so funny and smiley.

The next day we got up and got our stuff ready to leave in the afternoon. We went back to the pool to waste some hours till our bus arrived at 3.30pm. We felt abit bad just spending all our time at the pool but there didnt seem to be much to see in Vientienne. After sun tanning for awhile we went to a Scandinavian bakery for a sandwich and we brought some snacks for our journey to Thailand.

At 3.30pm we got the bus to the Laos border and signed out of Laos (sniff) We loved it there its such a beautiful, fun, smiley country! we then got back on the bus and crossed the border into Thailand. No hassles except our bus driver got out and left the bus running with the doors and windows open and all ourt bags on it! we were all a bit worried but it was fine.

Driving into Thailnd was great we crossed the friendship bridge which was built by the Thai's to show good relations with Laos.

We were supposed to be going to the train station which was round the corner from the border crossing but our bus driver didnt have a clue and drove us really far away and refused to stop. Nicole got really stressed out - he was taling to her in Thai so she was talking to him in Chinese! Eventually he stopped and turned round and drove us all the way back.

Got on our final sleeper train to Bangkok - pretty uneventful until the morning when a crazy Thai man started pulling open the cuirtains at 5.30am making us wake up and shouting! then another guy selling coffe started shouting..arghhh ...we didnt even get there for another hour! Thai wake up calls at 5.30am are not great lol.

We got to Bangkok and got a taxi to the hotel. Bangkok taxis are wkd they have hot pink, green, yellow, blue, purple..really pretty. We arrived at our final hotel - The Royal Hotel- Bangkok (with a pool!) and our rooms weren't ready so we went for breakfast.

Everyone was exhausted but had a full day ahead so no time to sleep. We checked in and I went to check the pool out - had to make the most of it lol. Later Nicole took me and a few others to get our Vietnam visa's and then we went on a Khlong tour (canals). It was really good on this little long boat going round the canals. Ppl actually live right in the canals with their houses on stilts. They get around by boat it was cool. At one part outside a temple in the canal they gave us loaves of bread to feed the hundreds of Cat fish there. It was funny until they started going mental - they were massive and it felt like they were going to capsize the boat! We had a really good guide lady telling us how to say Thai words and Count in Thai. I felt bad because we were all so tired no-one was really up for the games she was trying to make us play! Also we were melting from the heat! At one point we had to wait for this gate to open for 15 minutes - Me & Dani went to sleep!

After the Khlong tour we went to see Wat Pho which is a famous temple housing the reclining Buddha. Its amazing its huge and really pretty. On its feet it had hundreds of tiles showing different images. Afterwards our guide showed us ariound the rest of the temple - she talked to us about meditation and said that you showuld start by breathing in and out for as long as you can - only concentrating on your breathing and nothing else. If any other thoughts come into your head you have to start again!

By this time every1 was starting to droop abit after the early start and the heat so we got our 1st Thai Tuk Tuk back to the hotel. No time to sleep as we had our final tour dinner so me and Dani went and got Pedicures- they are really cheap and our feet definately needed it but we couldnt find the right place and Khao San Road was startying to get mental and we were running out of time so we went in this dodgy one with loads of blokes getting redy for their nights out. It was a bit rank and not that good but at least our feet looked slightly better lol.

Later that night we all got dressed up for our final dinner. We went to a really posh (read: expensive!) restuarant for a nice meal I had a Masaman curry which was amazing! It wasnt as fun as it could have been as everyone was so tired! Also they messed up our bills but I felt sorry for them cuz they had 14 seperate bills to deal with! Some ppl refused to pay the service - I tyhink everyone was a bit ratty and tired.

After dinner we went for a whiskey bucket on the Khao San Road its mental and really fun to ppl watch there. We were playing spot the lady boys! Its so hectic on that road theres food, outside bars, markets, shops and ppl everywhere! Really fun atmosphere. We were also watching out for the tourist police from Big Trouble in Thailand but we didnt spot any!

We got back and crashed dreaming about the free hotel buffest breakfast in the morning.

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