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Nakhon Ratchisima (Khorat)

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We went to the bus station about 5pm to get the night bus to Nakhon Ratchisima (also called Khorat) to meet Dani's dad's girlfriend (Porn-Rat) and friends (Andre & Noi). The night bus was pretty cool we got blankets and a toilet! haha we had about 12 hours till we got there.

Dani's dad had arrnged for them to meet us but it was still a bit dodgy because we didnt know if they would be there or not. We arrived and got a taxi to Thaifar City - a big electrical shop where Porn is the manager. We found it and her no problems - there was a bit of a language barrier going on as Porn dosn't speak much English! She called her friend and colleague Arh to come and translate for us haha.

We spoke to Noi on the phone and then Porn, Arh and another employee called Peter drove us to Porns house to wait for Noi & Andre. When they had gone back to work we showered and chilled out for abit then they came back to take us for lunch with about 10 other Thaifar City employees and porns eldest daughter. I dont know who was working in the shop because everyone seemed to be with us! After lunch we went back to the house and the others went back to work and we hung around until Noi and Andre arrived. Andre is French and Noi his wife speaks really good English. Everyone we had met so far in Khorat was so friendly and happy to see us it was great.

Noi & Andre took us into the city centre for a quick wander and a beer. There was a protest going on in the main square as the Thai Prime Minister has fled to Cambodia to escape prison (or something along those lines). When we got back to the house Noi & Andre left and we went for a walk around the area that Porn lives in.

Later when Porn and Arh finished work they came back to take us out to dinner - Porn gave us all matching Panasonic T-Shirts in different colours! was so sweet. Dinner was really nice in a restuarant on a massive lake with loads of fairy lights everywhere - really pretty. Again there was us and loads of Thaifar City employee's plus Porns eldest and youngest daughter. It was a really nice meal! We tried loads of stuff we havn't before because all the menu's are in Thai so Porn ordered for us. Later we wnet back and Porn did some of our washing from the jungle trek (we felt bad but she wouldnt let us do it) and we played with Omsin Porns youngest daughter. She's really cute!

We were supposed to stay in Khorat for 1 night then head back to Bangkok but we decided to stay for 2 nights as they wanted to take us out the next day!


The next day Noi & Andre hired a minibus to take us around and show us some sites! All in all there were about 15 of us in the minibus! We were supposed to go to a national park but it was 50 TBHT for Thai's and 400 TBHT for Falang so we didnt go. Instead we went to Chockai Farm but we didnt go in we just went in the gift shop haha then we drove around for ages looking for lunch near the national park - everywhere was packed out for a concert so it took ages to find a restuarant. It was funny because we would stop somewhere - everyone would get off the bus then 5 minutes later everyone got back on the bus lol - we did that about 5 times! Eventually we ate at a steak house place which was good. After that it was back to the mini bus and we went to some more sights like a massive white Buddha built in the side of a mountain - you could climb the steps to raech it but it wouldv taken about an hour each way so we didnt. We also went to a flaoting Art Maret place which was pretty good. My mum wouldv liked it there I think. Not much was floating though?

After that we drove back to Porns to collect our bags and then we went to Porns villiage where she grew up for dinner. It was the years anniversary of her fathers death so all of her family and the whole villiage were together for dinner. It was really nice to be included in a personal event like that and we had food that all of the villiagers had made. After we had eaten we went to Noi & Andre's house where their villiage was having a massive party! Thai boys have to spend a certain amount of time living with the Buddhist Monks once they reach their 20's. The night before the boy goes the villiage has a party for them! It was wkd and so funny they had a massive stage in the field with ppl singing abnd doing dance routines and dancing. We found a thai version of Rob! he was showing us how to do the dance moves (they were all wasted haha) After that we went back to Noi & Andre's house to sleep. They have a huge dog called Joey who's really excitable and a Cat called Pad Thai who was making the wierdest noises i'v ever heard a cat make haha. Noi was teaching us thai words like Thank You (CubCoon Ka) and everytime we 4got to use Thai she was thrteatening to hit us with this stick that she uses on Joey haha


The next morning we had toast and coffee and then went to get ready. Halfway through we could hear loads of ppl outside and Noi made us quickly go out - the whole villiage was there in a procession - they were taking the boy to the monks! They made us go at the front and lead the procession down the street! it was hilarious everyone dancing and getting pissed at like 9am on a Sunday morning! we danced all the way down the street to the Monks place and then we had to dance around the temple 3 times then we watched the boy go inside with his family. It was wkd I couldnt stop laughing such a random thing to be doing on a Sunday morning lol.

After all that excitment we finished getting ready and went back to see Porn and her family again in their villiage. Then they took us for lunch (they fed us constantly the entire time we were there!) and then they took us to the bus station to get our bus to Rayong (we decided aginst going back to Bangkok straight away)

We said our goodbyes and our thankyou's - it was a great few days and totally unexpected! Everyone was amazing and really good to us and we had a great time!

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