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Rayong/ Bam Phae Beach

sunny 30 °C

We decided that we wanted some beach time before we left for Cambodia & Vietnam and we were going to go to Pattaya but we heard rubbish things about it so we decided on Rayong instead. The bus journey was only supposed to be a few hours - nothing compared to the night busses but it turned into the worst journey! The bus driver stopped about a million times along the way for various reasons, petrol, food, chat to friends ect. It was boilinga nd the bus seats were made of plastic so we were sticking to them - urgh it was not good lol. By the time we got to Rayong it was pitch black darkness and we had to get a tuk tuk to our booked hostel - The Roots Reggae Bar.

Ohmygod - The Roots Reggae Bar. We had booked it the night before on Hostel Bookers it cost about 1.20 for a private room haha should have known! We got there and the shutters were down so then a random bloke told us to wait there and he went and started shouting at someone. We waited for a bit and then a French bloke came down stoned out of his face rolling a joint. He explained that the hostel is actually not open (great) but we could stay there if we wanted as we had paid a deposit. It was late and really dark so we just thought might as well. We walked through the bar and restuarant it looked as though at some point he had just shut the doors and left it exactly the same way for ages. It was really creepy he said that they were having a refurb but it didnt look like that. He showed us some really gross rooms - my room had no window and a fan that was covered in yellow dust and gloop. There was nothing else in the room except a beg. Dani & Chi's room had a balcony that looked out onto another building and some corrugated iron roof haha we were the only ppl in the whole hostel except the french bloke who showed us the room and then left us to it. It was awful!

We decided to go out because it was too depressing in those rooms and just freaked ourselves out even more walking on a deserted, pitch black beach road. It was like a scene out of a slasher movie. Everything was creepy and wierd. We went to eat in a nomalish looking bar and luckily got chatting to the bloke who's wife ran the place. He was Belgian and a Diamond Manufacturer or something he was making us laugh telling us about his life and we had a wkd Belgian burger - cheered us up!

He told us about a hotel down the road called Laempha Hotel which was really nice & cheap for the next day he was like "its run by homo's but I like those guys!"

After that it was back to the horror hostel to sleep. I slept in all my clothes ontop of the covers no way was i getting in there!


The next morning we got up early got our packs and wanted to get out of there as soona s possible. We had to bang on the French guys doors to open the shutters and to pay him (he told us to let ourselves out and leave the money on the bar!)

The Belgian Diamond dealer had said that he would arrange for a car to pick us up and take us to the Leampha Inn at 11am but we just wanted to go so we walked for 2 hours down the road to the hotel with our backpacks - it was alright we had to silent disco it halfway with our I-Pods to get us through but we made it - and felt pretty pleased with ourselves but we must have looked a right state! haha.

We checked in and this hostel was the same price as the horror hostel but really really gorgeous it had a massive room with a balcony, garden and was brand new and was set just off the beach in a cove. It was great we felt chaeted that we paid the French Stoner Bloke any money! The Belgian bloke was right it was full of Gay couples and their Thai boyfriends haha

For the rest of the day we sat at the beach and chilled out! It was gorgeous and pretty much deserted except for fishermen. Everything closes when the sun goes down pretty much but we managed to find a place to eat for really cheap down on the beach. Luckily a Belgian couple were there with their Thai Boy so he ordered for us or else we wouldnt have been able to order anything!

The rest of the night we just played cards and chilled out.


The next day we did the same again chilled at the beach, swam and did some running. I was trying to see if I could get my passport couriered to me in Rayong from Bangkok so that I didnt ahve to go back to Bangkok to collect it from the visa place but I couldnt so this would be our last day in Rayong (Sniff)

That night we decided to walk into town to get some food. It took about an hour and a half to get there but we found a wkd restuyarant so it was worth it! the walk on the way back was the worst walk of my life - I'm really scared of dogs that bark (quiet dogs are okay). The road was really quiet and dark except when you walked past a house the dogs would go beserk and run towards us - it was terrifying haha there were also yellow frogs jumping about everywhere. Then we saw a crab running in the road - excewpt it wasnt a crab it was a massive hairy tuarantula looking spider! hwe took some pictures then walked off as quick as we could without running (didnt want the dogs to chase us) it was horrible.

Back at the hostel a couple of ppl had been night swimming to see the phospherence (I think thats wat its called - when it glitters in the water?) so we went down to the beach with torch but only paddled so we didnt see any. They said when we got back that you needed to swim out further to see it.

Had enough of animals for one day without swimming in the seaat night so we left it.


Woke up went for a run on the beach and a quick swim then got our stuff together abnd checked out of our beach retreat. Then we walked for ages back up the road to get a tuk tuk to the coach station to take us back to Bangkok!

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Hi Flo,
Thanks for all the updates, sounds like a real adventure out there! Is it what you expected? I can't imagine you doing all that hiking :). Hope the next time in Bangkok is better - keep us posted..
Lovs ya xxxx

by DelboyG

Poor Boo! Mistaken for a boy eh? Time to let your hair grow back me thinks. Stay safe. Love you lots. Mama. xxxx

by vgi


by mis.m

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