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Bangkok - Siem Reap

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We had to go back to Bangkok to pick up my passport from the visa place but none of us were really looking forward to it but then when we got there it was great! After 3 days in a really quiet, secluded beach its great to be somewhere so lively.

We picked up my passport and tried to book the coach to the border but the woman was being really unhelpful so we ran to another place and booked it there with about 5 minutes to spare. After that we walked up and down the Khao San Road about 20 times enjoing being out and about after dark! Then we went to eat the worst food i'v ever had in my life it was really shite - none of us wanted to pay for it esp. as you can get street food which is much better and about half the price!

We went and swapped our books for new ones and wandered about a bit more - we were trying to kill time until 1am so we could use the free internet. We made it till about 12.45 then gave in - you can only do so much on that Khao San Road. Skyped Marcie & Ja-Ja (4 YEARS OLD!) to sing happy birthday and spoke to Rob then went back to the hostel. Got back and realised that we didnt book any accommodation for Cambodia so had to go back to the internet cafe. Then it was back to the hostel - we had to get the bus at 7am!


We woke up - really tired from the night before and walked around the corner to get our bus to Cambodia... us and a really nervous Czech bloke were the 1st ones there! We got some snacks and then got on the bus with Jo & Stu from the China tour! The rest of the journey was pretty uneventful to the Poi Pet border. Checked out of Thailand and then walked across no mans land to Cambodia! Checked into Cambodia & got back on the bus. Easy!

On the Cambodian side we had a really hyper bloke - noone could understand a word he said except "or something like that" which he said at the end of every sentence then after talking for 30 minutes he burst into a Boyzone song? It was very very wierd lol. The journey from the border to Siem Reap was only a few hours but every hour they would stop the bus, everyone would get off for no reason - I think they were trying to encourage us to buy food and stuff from the places but you cant eat every hour! Especially as we all had lunch at the Thai border.. anyways...

We had a hostel booked already for Siem Reap but they dropped us at a different hotel anyways and then got us a tuk tuk to our booked one which was full! It was alright though because we ended up in a 12 bed dorm room to ourselves. We dropped our stuff off and went for a wander and some food. Siem Reap is not what I expected at all! We were thinking war-torn, bit dodgey, dirty ect its not anything like that! Its really nice and clean looking! there are hundreds of nice guest houses and hotels all over the place, markets and restuarants and bars and clubs. Its also tiny all compacted into a really small area. I liked it straight away. We had some food in a restuarant with free popcorn, rice and fruit!

1st thing I noticed was how many street kids and beggars and sellers there are in Cambodia. Kids and Mine Victims are all over the place selling books and other stuff but most people dont beg they sell. Everywhere says not to buy from Children as they dont get any of the money and it promotes child exploitation - its hard to say no.


We woke up at like 4.30am to get our tuk tuk to Angor Wat for sunrise. Even at that time in the morning it was rammed with ppl. The sunrise was okay but not that spectatcular. Afterwards we sat and had a coffee with about half a can of condensed milk in it - then a dog puked up what looked like half a can of condensed milk right in front of us it was really rank ha!

We went back to the tuk tuk to the next temple and got ambushed by loads of kids - "Hey Lady you want bracelet, postcard I give you 5 for $1! You want book??" ahh they drive you mad lol - We got some postcards and bracelets then escaped - one of them got really annoyed with Dani as she had said no to some bracelets then brought them of someone else lol. They are hardwork, when you say no they'r like "ohh I cry!" and start spouting out all the facts they know about England haha.

Our tuk tuk took us around all of the temples of Angkor. My favourite was Bayon with all the faces carved in stone..they are massive and so intricate its hard to believe they were made so long ago. We had a great time climbing and exploring all the temples it was hard work because it was so hot and there are so many ppl. We managed to stay ahead of the crowds for the 1st few temples and then we got swamped for the rest of the day! I also loved the temple where Tomb Raider was filmed with the massive roots smashing through the walls. We had lunch there - we had brought cheese and yoghurts for lunch but we forgot them so we had to make do with crsips sandwiches and fruit.

Towards the end of the afternoon we sat in Angkor Wat and had a chat waiting for sunset. Sunset was the same as sunrise - not that spectacular haha. We saw a really visious monkey though - Dani had an Orange so we were feeding it but if you left your hands there for too long it would bare its teeth and look like it was going for you...

After sunset it was back to town on the tuk tuk. That night we ate a wkd Amok curry for really cheap and then went to bar street for a few drinks - we were messing about with the tuk tuk drivers outside. The bar next door had a live band and everyone was dancing in the street - a few vods later it was home to bed.


The next morning we checked out of the hostel. We had decided to book into a hostel with a pool because there wasn't much we wanted to do in the day time and it only cost an extyra $1. When we got there our hostel was full so we went to a different one - at 1st we thought it was great as it was huge - we didnt realise till later that the pool was the size of a bath and you could only fit 3 sun loungers around it at a time ha it was rubbish. That night we ate street food for really cheap and watched the football (Chi watched the football) . I wanted to watch a film at another hostel called about The Kymer Rouge but they showed the footie instead (just like home!)


Our 1st night we'd heard about a pool party at another hostel so we went to find it (we were desperate for a pool!) we eventually found it but it was indoors so we went in search of our original fully-booked hostel to see if that one had a better pool. We found it after about an hour of walking about in the sun getting annoyed - practically next door to the hostel we were staying in ha we sat and chilled out 4 a bit then went back to the pool party. It was a good night we had actual massive bbq sausages and chips (Very Cambodian!) and met a boke who had crossed the border with us. He told us that where he was staying cost $1 per night and was a mattress in the hallway with a mosquito net! We felt bad for spending $4 to get a room with a pool (which was a waste of time) and vowed to sleep cheap from then on lol.

After the pool party we went to a bar called Angkor What? and had a boogie and too much cheap vodka then went back to the hostel.


The next day we didnt do much at all we were supposed to be leaving but didnt sort it out in time! (read: hanging). We stayed at the bath-pool for a bit and chilled out. I got speaking to Virbol the hostel receptionist and he told me that he gets paid $50 per month! he works and studies at university as well! Really made me think about my life... Money is so important - it decides what you can and cant do ect and I'm also whineing about money at home...havn't got enough ect...imagine getting paid $50 a month! Cambodia is not even that cheap! (For Tourists anyways) He was really nice I set up a Facebook account for him and promised to upload some pictures for him.

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