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24/11/2009 We finally managed to get out of Siem Reap it felt like we had been stuck there for days haha. We loved it though its a great place and really compact which is nice because you can do loads and spend lots of time just wandering around which has become our speciality lol. Next stop is the capital Phnom Penh! The bus took ages as we had to stop every hour - I think this is just the Camdians do it lol. When we arrived it was mental there were Tuk Tuk drivers crowding the door to the bus we had to fight our way out - we could tell straight away that we were not in laid back Siem Reap anymore lol We managed to negotiate with a group of tuk tuk drivers and he took us to the cheapest guesthouse he knew. We arrived at the Green Lake Guesthouse which was wkd! it cost $1.60 for the room (our cheapest yet) the room is an actual grot-hole haha none of the walls reach the ceiling, there is a toilet in our room but its tiny and the shower is hung above the toilet so when you shower you have to do it on the toilet lol. But its right on the Boeng Kak Lake and out the back of the guesthouse is an open bar/restuarant/communal area with comfy chairs, DVD Player, I-Pod, Pool Table. You can chill out there and dont really need to be in the room haha. The area is really nice its got a hippie/beach vibe going on (even though theres no beach just a highly polluted toxic lake haha) We had a wander then chilled out back at the guesthouse.

25/11/2009 We woke up early to get our tuk tuk to The Killing Fields & S21 to learn about the horribleness of the Kymer Rouge Rule. 1st stop was The Killing Fields - I wasn't sure what to expect - you dont really look forward to a day like this. We got dropped off and went in and 1st went to see the monument which has been built to show respect to the thousands of people who died. Its really eirie because the monument has 17 levels of skulls and bones which were recovered from the mass graves around the site. Around 30 years ago Pol Pot and the Kymer Rouge moved everybody out of the cities to the countryside and had a vision of a classless society. They killed anyone who was educated as they thought that only uneducated people would be able be in the new regime. They killed whole families as they thought that the children would grow up and seek revenge - ridiculous. Afterwards we walked around the mass graves, not all of them have been uncovered and on the paths there are still clothes and bones sticking out of the ground it was horrible. Really sad and sensless! Thats just one of hundreds of killing fields all over Cambodia! Next we went back to town to the S21 which is the security prison (used to be a high-school) where the Kymer Rouge took people to torture them and get confessions. When they got there they found the last people who had been tortured chained to the beds and in the rooms where they were found they had pictures of the poeple. It was gruesome! We walked around all of the prison, other than the cells and torture rooms they had rooms anbd rooms of peoples picturees showing the people who had been there - so sad there were tiny babies, old people, men, women.... They also had exhibitions about what happened there. One of the exhibitions was about the people who had worked there at S-21 and another one was about people who had been displaced from the city to the countryside. It was really informative and I'm glad I saw it and learned about it but it was not a nice day. Afterwards we walked back to the hostel for dinner and another chilled evening by the lake.

26/11/2009 We decided to tackle the Russion & Central markets except we never made it to the Central one. We got a tuk tuk to The Russian Market which is the most claustrophobic place in the world rows and rows of tightly packed stalls and shops selling clothes, bags, shoes, food, and everything you can think of. We didnt do much shopping though it was a bit mad in there. Afterwards we took a long slow walk back stopping along the way by the Tongle Sap river which looks just as rank and polluted as the lake we were staying by lol.

That night we decided to go to the roller disco (hmm) we got there and they started chucking random skanky hundred year old skates at us (no sizes they just guess) it was our fault for choosing the cheapest option lol. Then we were off it was so hot in there and it was just us and loads of Cambodian kids kicking our arses on the ramps lol. A little girl asked Dani for her number? After about an hour we'd had enough and sweated far too much! We gave back the rank skates, threw away our socks and went back to the hostel.

That night we went for a few cheapo vodkas and it was all good until some drunk Canadian idiot mistook me for a boy! I was NOT happy lol - this hair causes nothing but trouble! After that we went back to the hostel and had beans on toast with cheese.... Very Cambodian lol


We had heard about a waterpark with slides and wave pools ect so we decided to hunt it down. We tried to be hard core and walk the 6Km's but we got lost and it was hot so we gave in and got a tuk tuk...we really should not have bothered! We walked in and could tell straight away we had been mugged off. 1st of all we couldnt hear any water, a bit worrying for a water park. 2nd the place was deserted! They had like 6 slides. 3 of them went into a pool with no water and the other 3 were switched off. They had slow rapids ride which was green and moldy like pond water. They had one pool for lane swimming. We asked them to turn the slides on which they did for us to ahve one go then they turned them back off. We had already paid to get in and it took ages to get there so we decided to stay and chillout in the lane pool it was a rubbish day lol Me & Dani got rubber rings and floated and read our books all day then slept. That was it!

That night was our last in Phnom Pehn as we were leaving for Vietnam in the morning so we packed our bags and had (another) chilled night at the hostel.

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