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Ho Chi Min to Muine

We got up early to get our 1st Open Tour Bus to Muine but things didnt exactly go to to plan! When we got the the tour place we found out the guy had charged us 10 dollars less than he should have so it wasn't a good deal after all (boo!)then Chi took a malaria tablet without eating 1st and starting puking on the way to the bus! Then we got on the bus and Dani fell down the hole that leads to the toilet! She took a massive chunck of leg out you could see a massive section of bone on her shin it was rank lol. We all started panicking (seeing a bone will do that to you) and were shouting at the driver to stop so we could get off and go to the hospital. Wierdly it didnt really bleed but when she moved the skin around it you could see the leg actually sliding up and down the bone - that dosnt even explain how gross it was haha We got a taxi to the hospital and Danni got 3 stitches on her leg - it looked alright afterwards haha. The hospital was well strange it looked so dirty and there were ppl lying on beds all round the reception desk!

After that we walked back to the tour place to book the 2nd bus in the evening and left our bags there then we hung around in HCMC for the day. Although it started out really shite it was a cool day we love HCMC so much we just hung around sent all our post cards, ate loads and chilled. In the evening we found a buy one get one free burger place but as there are 3 of us we had to get 4 haha they were delicious but we looked like right fatties. Then we went and watched the outdopor aerobics in the park its well good and free! They should do that in England! I also swapped 4 of my really tatty books for 3 brand spanking new photocopies! happy! (They photocopy the books here and re-sell them) I thought i'd got Q & A which is the original book version of Slum Dog Millionaire but it was actually How to Lose Friends and Alienate ppl - oh well lol. We finally got on our sleeper bus and were on our way to Muine!

Sleeper busses are disgusting. 3 rows of bunk beds with unwashed blankets and pillows - errr they also make everyone take their shoes off so they dont smell great and if your on the top you have the A/C right in your face! And they pack so many ppl on them its ridiculous the conducter sleeps in a hammock in between the rows! It was supposed to take 4 hours but it took 6 so we didnt get to Muine till 2am!

We got off the bus in the middle of a street, it was dark and we didnt know where we were Luckily 3 motorbikes came along and gave us a lift to a guesthouse with our massive backpacks at one point they had to get up a hill it was a struggle lol wobbling all over the place!


We woke up and went outside and we were on the beach! Couldnt believe it it was beautiful and we didnt even realise the night before it was so dark! I instantly loved Muine lol. We arranged with the guesthouse lady to go and see the sand dunes. We thought we were going in a massive tour bus but it was a jeep that picked us up with just us! much better! We had to climb in the back of the jeep with no doors - hard work. We stopped along the way to take pictures and this man walked past with his willie out haha Dani was telling me and I was like no way! turned around and he was squatting having a shite! lol so funny these little girls were telling us he's crazy haha

We drove on to the white sand dunes and they were amazing - I'v seen sand dunes in Dubai but these were different they weren't in desert for a start they were surrounded by countryside and water! These little scam artist kids sold us pieces of plastic lino stuff to slide down the dunes with - they were rubbish haha it was funny trying though we usually just ended up buried in sand! It was so windy aswell we were getting blasted with sand and it got in our cameras. After about an hour of failing to slide down the sand dunes we went back to the jeep and to the red sand dunes. We got out and this little old lady came started pushing me up the dune haha when we got to the top she dug out a slide path and I went down twice it was much better - she showed us how it was done lol she was really nice!

After this our driver dropped us at the side of a road and pointed to an alley. We didnt know what we were doing there and it stank of fish sauce (they make it there apparently) so we just followed a path that lead to the bank of a really rank looking stream - we still didnt know what we were supposed to do then this little kid jumped in and told us to follow - turns out its the Fairy river its really shallow and you can walk all the way along it! Once we got past the fish sauce factory it was amazing the banks were made of wierd sand montains on one side and green vegetation on the other it was incredible! Unfortunately Dani & Chi's camera's had taken too much sand on the dunes and stopped working and mine was out of batteries so we didnt get very good pictures! We bumped into some of the ppl we met on the border crossing bus and had a chat. When we'd walked far enough we turned back and realised why it was called the Fairy river - its so shallow that the sun makes really pretty light patterns on the water it was wkd! After this we got dropped off at the gusthouse & walked to the beach there were hundreds of kite surfers in the water. The waves were massive I spent hours in there just jumping about on my own lol (Dani's leg meant she couldnt go in). It reminded me of being on holiday when I was younger and jumping about in the waves with my dad. Later we stopped off and brought a bottle of cheapo wine and drank it getting ready then had the best seafood dinner ever on the beach! it was cheap too! Chi had a fish and before they brought it out to him it was swimming happily in a tank on the counter we felt bad lol. Muine was a wkd place we wished we'd had more time to explore!

Posted by Chloe.G 17:21

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loving the updates babes keep em coming x

by mis.m

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