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The next overnight train that we got was much better than the 1st one even though it was normal economy class sleepers. There were 6 bunks to a cabin and there were no doors so everyone was just sat together chatting away. We got on the train at about 2ish and we arrived in Xi'an the next morning so it was a long train journey! we sat up talking for about 6 hours then went to bed. Me and Dani got some beers from the beer bloke on the train and he tried to rip us of but we realized and had to set our tour guide Nicole on him! ha ha

The next morning we arrived and got on another train to Xi'an. Its a really cool little city where the whole city is inside a big city wall... we went on a orientation walk to find out where everything is then we went to see the Terracotta Warriors on a mini bus.

I'm not sure what I expected to see but I just dont think I expected it to be so polished and museum-like! Looking back I think I thought they would exactly as they were found out in the open which was stupid of me but still...lol

They are amazing though... we started at the biggest pit which holds about 6,000 warriors they are restoring them so some of them were all in formation while others were in a separate part being put back together...really interesting and amazing to think that people actually made all those all those years ago!

The 2nd pit was much smaller and houses more important warriors and horses.

The 3rd pit...was empty! very random apparently they decided to stop digging up the warriors from the 3rd pit as as soon as they are uncovered they lose all of their colouring so they have decided to keep them buried...bit strange because they don't tell you this and then when you go in there are just bits of warriors and horses poking out of the pit where they have started then stopped.

That night we decided to go 4 a beer with most of the group... China only sells beer not spirits so we ended up sharing a bottle of vodka! then we got a bottle of rice wine which is much cheaper and smuggled it into the bar...so funny haha....eurgh.... we had a few drinks then went back to the hotel.. we thought it would be a good idea to txt Chi & Rob and get them to call us on the hotel phone.... oh dear lol

About 5 minutes after we txt them the hotel phone rang...some1 speaking Chinese so we thought they were putting the calls through to us. Then about 5 minutes later a Chinese bloke turns up at the door .....from the "special massage" place on the 2nd floor (our tour guide had warned us about these ppl). We explained that we didnt want/need a "massage" and he left. We were laughing about it then 2 minutes later he came back with some other Chinese bloke...we explained again that we didnt want a massage from any1 and they left. Then the phone rang it was them again! we put the phone down and they turned up at the door again! 3 male prostitutes at the door! started to get a bit wierd so we locked the door and un-plugged the phone we were worried that when we checked out we'd get charged for 3 prostitutes! luckily we didnt get charged so it was okay!


The next morning we had a free day and were feeling a bit rough anyway... we decided to do all our dirty washing in the shower.. seemed like a good idea at the timje we were both in the shower with all our massive piles of washing it was great but afterwards we realised we had nowhere to hang it...we had to hand stuff over everything...the T.V, Windows, lamps.....not good...knickers everywhere!

We had no clothes to wear so we went for as walk in our summery dresses and managed to get covered in loads of grease! eurgh... went back to the hotel and packed for our next journey... we were glad to be leaving Xi'an it was a cool little city but soooo hectic and busy and after all the business with the prossies we were glad to be on our way...

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This is the funniset blog from the undug soilders to the 3 chinese prostitutes PMSL how funny xx so wish I was there!

by mis.m

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