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We had a really early flight to get to Chengdu... the flight was only about an hour long but it was still all the hassle of flying with our huge back packs.

On the plane they gave us hotdogs - we both had 2 because of the vegetarians on our tour. We arrived in Chengdu and me & Dani went for a walk...the weather was awful it was really overcast, grey, cold and wet. We walked for ages and ended up in a university wandering around. We accidentally walked into the boys dorms and a woman had top get a student to kick us out in English. We also found a park with loads of exercise equipment ...ppl work out everywhere here in the parks in the street everywhere. There was this really cute little boy following us around we were like awww...then he turned into Chuckie! He started spitting at us and throwing stuff! his dad was just ignoring him ...haha he ran us out of the park in the end lol.....

That night we went to an opera/cultural show which was the wierdest thing i'v ever seen. The whole thing was in Chinese.. for one skit a bloke walked around with a lit candle on his head while a woman shouted at him in Chinese it was so strange. The outfits were amazing and a highlight was a man doing shadow puppets with his hands was so good! he did a dog chasing a rabbit and then the dog ate the rabbit haha was really funny.


We woke up and met our tour group at 7.30!!!! but it was worth it because we were off to see the Pandas!!! The Panda Conservation centre is amazing its huge and looks so natural the cages and enclosures are massive! We saw Pandas of all ages from a few months in cots to big adults they are so cute but lazy! they cant even be bothered to get it on which is why they are nearly extinct! haha we watched a video about the conservation of them and they basically just eat and sleep all day haha

A few ppl paid to hold/stroke the pandas but it cost about 100! was good to see though! We also saw Red panda's which are really cute aswell. At the end you walked through this museum which was interesting...it was full of real stuffed animals so wierd...they must have a thing about taxidermy...all the animals looked really manky...hmmm

When we got back a few of us went to a Buddhist temple which was massive and really beautiful. there was a lake with thousands of little turtles in they were all scrambling to get on bits of wood and logs we were entranced and watching them for ages.

we then went to the peoples park which was really good aswell there were people doing dance and exercise classes everywhere .. we joined in one for a bit its really good..Chinese ppl are obsessed with exercise! We went to a kids playground which was like depression central...all the rides were like broken down and rotten looking haha

That night we went for a traditional Chinese hotpot which is famous in Chengdu it was amazing. We all sat around a table and they brought out this massive pot with a smaller pot inside full of soup stuff. They put it on a gas burner thing in the middle of the table and then brought out loads of dishes of meat and vegetables which your dropped into the two soups to cook. Once they were cooked you just grabbed whatever you wanted and ate it the 1st soup was really hot and spice, the one in the middle was not spicy. It was mental we made such a mess! one of our tour group (Jo) managed to dredge up a massive fish head with eyes and everything from the bottom of the not spice soup eurgh haha no-one really ate from that one after that. When we were finished it looked like a bomb had hot our table...was a fun experience but very random...like most things in China.

Chinese ppl dont like to hang round after a meal so we left straight away

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