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Tubing in Vang Vieng!


The next day we had a 9 hour bus journey to Vang Vieng - by this point we are used to travelling by bus and the views are still amazing - The Laos countryside is beautiful!

We arrived and headed to the guest house which was the BEST guesthouse we have stayed in by far. It was located on the river front and we had little cabins with Gecko's running around! We were shocked as we defiantely were not expecting anything this nice! We also found the BIGGEST spider I have ever seen in a web the size of a hammock outside someones cabin. It was the meanest looking spider I'v ever seen we were all outside taking pictures of it (pics to follow). I'f that was hanging outside my door i woulkd have demanded a room change haha.

Vang Vieng is wierd because the main street (its tiny) is full of bars and cafes all showing various episodes of Friends and Family Guy. Really bizarre that they only show those 2 programmes haha. Rob would'v been alright with the Family Guy episodes =D

They have loads of traveller type shops and me & Dani both got Havana Flip Flops for really cheap!

That night we went for a meal with our tour group then a few of us went over to the Irish Bar. We were talking to the bloke behind the bar who went to Vang Vieng for a few days and ended up staying!! Live the Dream! haha


The next day we got up to go TUBING!!! yeah!!! We were so excited. Tubing is not condoned by our Tour so we had to sign ourselves out of the tour for the day! Those of us who were going got all our stuff ready and went off to the Tubing rental place. We paid our deposit and fee and got on a Tuk Tuk to the Tubing starting point on the river.

Tubing is mental. They give you a big rubber ring and send you off down the river haha along the way there are bar shacks with cheap drinks. We started off with a Beer Lao and contemplated getting starting... Luckily we met a bloke called Trent who has been tubing for 315 days! He got Vang Vieng and was supposed to stay for a week but ended up staying for a year and has been tubing everyday! (Live the tubing dream!) Anyways he showed us the ropes.

That 1st bar had a massive zip wire swing but I was too scared & decided to wait till the next bar. After our beers we got in and floated down to the next one! One this one they had a smaller zip wire so we all got a whiskey bucket and had a go! It was amazing and really fun - except standing at the top of the tower waiting to swing with ppl jumping off the top!

That bar filled up pretty quickly and everyone had pens and was writing all over everyone (oh dear...whiskey buckets lol).

We went on a few more zip wires then floated to the next bar...to get from the river to the bars they throw a rope with cups stuck to it and you have to hold on to get pulled in - dodgy! lol

Eventually we made it to the last bar before we could make a choice...carry on down the river back to town which can take 2 hours or get out and get a tuk tuk home...we chose number 2 coz it was getting dark but I nearly got sucked down the river had to cling on to a bridge and drag myself to the edge...scary haha

We had to get the rings home by 6pm or we lost some of our deposit and we lost 1 of our tour group so we got home late and they charged us! In the tuk tuk home we were all shouting at the driver "go tuk tuk go! go faster tuk tuk go!" haha was very funny at the time...

Got back safe and sound - met our tour group for dinner then went to Q Bar for more Whiskey buckets still covered in pen from the tubing - it was a good night. later on we had to break in to someones room as they got locked out - was pretty funny.

Vang Vieng is a strange place ppl sit around constantly watching friends! Tubing was amazing and we had a wkd time

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OMG! I can't believe you went tubing after everything I told you....BAD GIRL!!!! The bit about clinging to a rock....are you trying to give me a heart attack???? No more dangerous stuff please......

by vgi

haha I cvant believe you confessed to all that I bet mum was having a heart attack lol xx soinds like so much fun xx I sooooo wudnt do it

by mis.m

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