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Laos - Luang Prabang 2

Day 2

sunny 28 °C

The next day we had free time so we just did Sunday stuff - went for the free breakfast at the guest house - mmm omelete baggette and Fruit Shake...

We did some hand washing - bleurgh - I know now why backpackers have a reputation for being dirty - hand washing is a pain in the bum! No wonder ppl just stop doing it!

After all the hard work on a Sunbday morning we went for a walk around town and ended up bumping into Jo, Stu, Daisy & Caroline from our tour group so we sat back at The Hive for a few afternoon beers and had a chat. The Hive is definately more impressive at night time!!

Later on we met up with the rest of our tour group to watch the suns et over the river it was really beautiful - you know what i', like with sunsets (pictures to follow!). Its really nice to see how the Laos people spend their time on the river - fishing, playing, swimming, washing!

After this we went for a meal in a resturant across the street - I had a Thai Green Curry with Sticky Rice - Yum!! Then we headed back to the guesthouse. Perfect chilled out Sunday in Laos.

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Laos - Luang Prabang

sunny 29 °C

The next morning we got up and got on our private bus to drive to Luang Prabang we got on the bus at 7.00 am - our tour bloke tells us that its 12 hours!!! We thought it was 8!!! we were really happy...not haha

That bus journey was definately an experience! The 1st hour was smooth roads the next 11 and a half were on dirt tracks lol me and Dani got on last so we had the seats at the back surrounded by everyones backpacks falling on our heads and sitting on a wheel lol. it was so bumpy but actually an alright journey the views through the Laos countryside were wkd all mountains and viliages it was really nice. LAOS ONLY HAS ONE ROAD THROUGH THE COUNTRY! it was a bit sketchy at times lol

We arrived in Luang Prabang with numb bums and sore heads from ratling around on a bus for nearly 13 hours but happy! Booked into our guest house which was really nice again. That night we went to the night market which is massive and really cool selling jewellery, clothes and bits and bobs. Me & Dani got matchibng traveller anklets and put them on in a little ceremony iin the street - it was emotional haha

The next day we had an organised tour of the royal museum....eurgh musuems... this one was actually quite good its where the royal family lived before they were exiled but still...it was a boiling hot day we had to cover up so we were all sweainbg and we didnt really feel like walking round a musuem...good to get some culture though. Our tour guide was really sweet but no-one had a clue what he was saying haha..just smile and nod!

After this we hung around for a few hours then got a tuk tuk to the waterfalls. Tuk Tuks are amazing I love them. We got to the waterfalls which were amazinbg the water is a really light blue and there are all different levels. We swam for a bit in the 1st pool then we went to the next one which was where all the fun was... they have a rope swing that you climb up a tree to get to then swing off into the pool its wkd but really scary haha then we climbed to the top of another fall and jumped off that and that was even better than the swing! exhilirating!!!

We spent a bit more time at the falls and then got our tuk tuk back.

That night we went for an indian which was tasty and then we went to a bar called The Hive for Halloween - it was a really good laugh we were drinking Hive Cocktails coz tehy were the cheapest on the menu - who knows what was in them no-one could trell us - everytime we ordered them we got a different drink haha had a bit of a boogy and took the p*ss out of the proper travellers - we dont fit in yet because we'r still in our high street clothes... not braids and skirts made out of hemp...yeah man...

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Loas- Luang Nam Tha

sunny 29 °C

We got up, sorted our bags (again!) and set off for the Chinese\Laos border. We got a private bus which took about 3 and a half hours. At the border we had to get our passports stamped to say that we'v left China and then we walked for aboutr 5 minutes down to the Laos border.

At the Laos border we had to give them our passports and hang around for a bit waiting to get stamped in. It was pretty hot and tyhe 1st thing I saw at the Border was a moth the size of my head...I swear it was massive! eurgh!

Once we were all through the border we got another private bus for about an hour or so to Luang Nam Tha our 1st stp in Laos! The weather was perfect it was so warm and sunny. We stopped for lunch and oh my god they had normal English food! haha no more Chinese food! (Chinese is nice but everything is fried ands you can get a bit sick of it - also they dont eat simple normal stuff like sandwiches!!!)

I ordered a Tuna baggette and Dani had a burger with chips! ha so adventurous us 2. After this we went and checked into our guesthouse - it was really sweet and much better than hotel rooms - all hotel rooms are basically exactly the same but this guesthouse was cute and had more personality - thumbs up! There were gecko's running around everywhere they are so cute.

We had a quick freshen up and went to meet Nicole and some of the group to go on a bike ride! We rented these massive mountain bikes that were so uncomfortable and set off.... Laos is so beautiful is is so green and lush with mountains everywhere and rice paddies. We rode to the rice paddies 1st and the views were breathtaking all you can see is green for miles and then mountains! All of the kids shout Sabaidee!! (hello) and they are all giggly and cute. There are pigs,cows,dogs,cats,ducks,cockerals running around everywhere its got a really happy, chilled out vibe to it.

Next we rode through a villiage and that was really cool to see how they live in their simple house huts. we stopped at a little stream where all the kids were splashing and swimming and tormenting this poor cow which was tied up haha.

Last we rode up to the Golden Stupor which is a buddist temple with lots of budda's and stuff. it was at the top of this massive hill which we all tried to ride up but failed miserably it was too steep!

After all this riding my bum was in agony and I was covered in oil from the chains - we returned the bikes and went back to the guest house.

That night we met up for dinner and had a quick nose around the night market which mainly just sold food. We got some bananas and waffles for the bus journey the next day. We were going to get our 1st Beer Laos but we went on the internet instead and I had my 1st Skype experince! its amazing I spoke to my sis and Rob and i was so happy to hear their voices and happy to have discovered Skype!!

After that we were too tired for a Beer Laos so we just went back to the guest house and to bed.

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Jing Hong!

Last stop in China

We had 2 early morning flights to get from Chengdu to Jing Hong - a Chinese border town and our last stop in China. I had the worst cold so flying was not a great experience esp. with the Chinese Swine Flu police everywhere - all over the airport they have machines taking your temperature and if you have a high temp they can quarantine you!

The 2 flights were only an hour long each but in total we were travelling for hours because of checking in all our back packs, then waiting to fly, flying then collecting our backpacks then waiting to check in...It was a long day.

No-one really knew what to expect from Jing Hong so far we have stopped in city after city and apart from the Pandas have not seen much wildlife or anything. .... wow... we touched down in Jing Hong in the smallest airport I have ever seen just one little landing strip and you walk from the plane to the airport building which is the size of an office with nothing in it except a baggage carousel!

We collected our bags and walked out and 1st thing we noticed is that it was boiling!! yay! (The rest of China had mostly been cold/wet/grey and windy) also it is like walking into a tropical island! mountains and palm trees and blue skies! as you can imagine we were really excited to see the sun!

I some how managed to get bitten to death within about 5 minutes of being there - nasty...

We got to the hotel which was the same as all the other hotels we have stayed in and dropped our bags then went out for fried rice with Nicole our tour guide. Then a few of us walked down to the Mekong (Its not called the Melong on the Chinese side though). We walked through a really nice park and down to the water. Me. Dani & Lechae paddled in the river for a bit - it was much clearer than I expected - I thought it would be brown and murky but you could see to the bottom. Not sure how its that clean when ppl were washing themselves, their cars and motorbikes in it!

That night we went back down to the river for a drink with the group. It was nice and chilled except a fireworks display was going of right next to us for about 30 minutes...

After this we went back and repacked our backpacks - in the morning we were off to LAOS!!!

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We had a really early flight to get to Chengdu... the flight was only about an hour long but it was still all the hassle of flying with our huge back packs.

On the plane they gave us hotdogs - we both had 2 because of the vegetarians on our tour. We arrived in Chengdu and me & Dani went for a walk...the weather was awful it was really overcast, grey, cold and wet. We walked for ages and ended up in a university wandering around. We accidentally walked into the boys dorms and a woman had top get a student to kick us out in English. We also found a park with loads of exercise equipment ...ppl work out everywhere here in the parks in the street everywhere. There was this really cute little boy following us around we were like awww...then he turned into Chuckie! He started spitting at us and throwing stuff! his dad was just ignoring him ...haha he ran us out of the park in the end lol.....

That night we went to an opera/cultural show which was the wierdest thing i'v ever seen. The whole thing was in Chinese.. for one skit a bloke walked around with a lit candle on his head while a woman shouted at him in Chinese it was so strange. The outfits were amazing and a highlight was a man doing shadow puppets with his hands was so good! he did a dog chasing a rabbit and then the dog ate the rabbit haha was really funny.


We woke up and met our tour group at 7.30!!!! but it was worth it because we were off to see the Pandas!!! The Panda Conservation centre is amazing its huge and looks so natural the cages and enclosures are massive! We saw Pandas of all ages from a few months in cots to big adults they are so cute but lazy! they cant even be bothered to get it on which is why they are nearly extinct! haha we watched a video about the conservation of them and they basically just eat and sleep all day haha

A few ppl paid to hold/stroke the pandas but it cost about 100! was good to see though! We also saw Red panda's which are really cute aswell. At the end you walked through this museum which was interesting...it was full of real stuffed animals so wierd...they must have a thing about taxidermy...all the animals looked really manky...hmmm

When we got back a few of us went to a Buddhist temple which was massive and really beautiful. there was a lake with thousands of little turtles in they were all scrambling to get on bits of wood and logs we were entranced and watching them for ages.

we then went to the peoples park which was really good aswell there were people doing dance and exercise classes everywhere .. we joined in one for a bit its really good..Chinese ppl are obsessed with exercise! We went to a kids playground which was like depression central...all the rides were like broken down and rotten looking haha

That night we went for a traditional Chinese hotpot which is famous in Chengdu it was amazing. We all sat around a table and they brought out this massive pot with a smaller pot inside full of soup stuff. They put it on a gas burner thing in the middle of the table and then brought out loads of dishes of meat and vegetables which your dropped into the two soups to cook. Once they were cooked you just grabbed whatever you wanted and ate it the 1st soup was really hot and spice, the one in the middle was not spicy. It was mental we made such a mess! one of our tour group (Jo) managed to dredge up a massive fish head with eyes and everything from the bottom of the not spice soup eurgh haha no-one really ate from that one after that. When we were finished it looked like a bomb had hot our table...was a fun experience but very random...like most things in China.

Chinese ppl dont like to hang round after a meal so we left straight away

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