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The next overnight train that we got was much better than the 1st one even though it was normal economy class sleepers. There were 6 bunks to a cabin and there were no doors so everyone was just sat together chatting away. We got on the train at about 2ish and we arrived in Xi'an the next morning so it was a long train journey! we sat up talking for about 6 hours then went to bed. Me and Dani got some beers from the beer bloke on the train and he tried to rip us of but we realized and had to set our tour guide Nicole on him! ha ha

The next morning we arrived and got on another train to Xi'an. Its a really cool little city where the whole city is inside a big city wall... we went on a orientation walk to find out where everything is then we went to see the Terracotta Warriors on a mini bus.

I'm not sure what I expected to see but I just dont think I expected it to be so polished and museum-like! Looking back I think I thought they would exactly as they were found out in the open which was stupid of me but still...lol

They are amazing though... we started at the biggest pit which holds about 6,000 warriors they are restoring them so some of them were all in formation while others were in a separate part being put back together...really interesting and amazing to think that people actually made all those all those years ago!

The 2nd pit was much smaller and houses more important warriors and horses.

The 3rd pit...was empty! very random apparently they decided to stop digging up the warriors from the 3rd pit as as soon as they are uncovered they lose all of their colouring so they have decided to keep them buried...bit strange because they don't tell you this and then when you go in there are just bits of warriors and horses poking out of the pit where they have started then stopped.

That night we decided to go 4 a beer with most of the group... China only sells beer not spirits so we ended up sharing a bottle of vodka! then we got a bottle of rice wine which is much cheaper and smuggled it into the bar...so funny haha....eurgh.... we had a few drinks then went back to the hotel.. we thought it would be a good idea to txt Chi & Rob and get them to call us on the hotel phone.... oh dear lol

About 5 minutes after we txt them the hotel phone rang...some1 speaking Chinese so we thought they were putting the calls through to us. Then about 5 minutes later a Chinese bloke turns up at the door .....from the "special massage" place on the 2nd floor (our tour guide had warned us about these ppl). We explained that we didnt want/need a "massage" and he left. We were laughing about it then 2 minutes later he came back with some other Chinese bloke...we explained again that we didnt want a massage from any1 and they left. Then the phone rang it was them again! we put the phone down and they turned up at the door again! 3 male prostitutes at the door! started to get a bit wierd so we locked the door and un-plugged the phone we were worried that when we checked out we'd get charged for 3 prostitutes! luckily we didnt get charged so it was okay!


The next morning we had a free day and were feeling a bit rough anyway... we decided to do all our dirty washing in the shower.. seemed like a good idea at the timje we were both in the shower with all our massive piles of washing it was great but afterwards we realised we had nowhere to hang it...we had to hand stuff over everything...the T.V, Windows, lamps.....not good...knickers everywhere!

We had no clothes to wear so we went for as walk in our summery dresses and managed to get covered in loads of grease! eurgh... went back to the hotel and packed for our next journey... we were glad to be leaving Xi'an it was a cool little city but soooo hectic and busy and after all the business with the prossies we were glad to be on our way...

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After our cycle tour we went back to the hotel & got our bags and got the Metro to our 1st overnight train to Shanghai! Due to a mix up on our tour we were 1st class! Its very very wierd to sleep on a train in a bed. There were 4 bunks to a compartement and it was pretty good and clean but felt a bit like a rollercoaster ride. The journey took 10 hours to get 2 Shanghai.

Once we arrived we got taxi's to our next hotel...then went for an orientation walk around Shanghai. We liked it much better than we thought we would all of the wierd and wonderful buildings everywhere and we walked around for a few hours.

Later that evening we went to see the Shanghai Acrobats which are famous. They were really good and talented but the venue was a bit wierd like a school hall. At the end they had 4 ppl on motorbikes all riding around in this tiny cage thing on stage it was so good! I was really tired from the long journey and was fighting 2 stay awake for the whole show!!!


The next morning we got up and went to the Shanghai Museum which was good if you liked museums! It was interesting but we didn't really have that much time there as we had to get back and pack our stuff for our next overnight train to Xi'an!

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Beijing Baby!

all seasons in one day 22 °C

Hi everyone!!!

We arrived safely in Beijing and we are loving it. Its really cheap and really random! Today we'v been trying different food and so far we'v had squirrell (we think) on a stick, square sausage (we think) fingers, spring rolls and a pancake type thing...hmmm for dinner we'r having crisps and fruit!

We arrived at Beijing airport & managed to get on the airport shuttle bus. When that dropped us off we had a bit of trouble finding the next bus stop we were asking every1 where to go and no-one spoke any English! Eventually we went in a bookshop and a woman in there walked us to the right bus stop - the numbers are painted on the floor!

We got on the bus and manged to find our hostel with no problems except our bags which are stupidly heavy!!! The Red Lantern Hotel was really nice down a Chinese Hutong (Alley) with courtyards and little water fountains with fish in...really nice. We dumped our stuff and went out for a wander...ended up walking around for ages we were so tired but there was so much to see! down little alleys all these ppl with stalls selling food and stuff would pop up and there are hundreds of bikes, mopeds and traffic everywhere!

Dani sent a package home of clothes that she didnt think she'd need bcoz the bags are too heavy! I sent 1 Skirt and 1 pair of Jeans...probs shouldv sent more....

Cigarettes cost 55p!!! and we brought some beers and food which came to 2 quid!! really cheap!!

Its safer to walk in the middle of the road than the pavemnet cos the cars drive on the pavement and so do thousands of crazy ppl on bikes! Green men & Zebra crossings dont mean anything here!

After walking around for ages we went back to the Red Lantern and tried to stay awake for as long as we could b4 crashing out...so tired!


Today we checked out of our 1st hostel and got the subway to our group meeting place. The subway is really busy and NOONE speaks English haha. Also everyone is seriously on the swine flu panic and we have both got coughs! keep getting some dodgy looks!

Our back packs are ridiculous they are so heavy!! but at least we'll be getting fit!

Oh and the weather was really hot and sunny yesterday but today its really windy and a bit cold =( We had our 1st chinese meal using chopsticks was great! Its a lot easier to use chopsticks in China than it is in the UK for some reason!!

After our meal we went 2 the hotel where we were meeting our tour group at 6pm. We checked into our room a really nice posh hotel called ChongWenMen... we didnt think we'd be staying in posh hotel rooms we thought we'd be in scummy hostels!

At 6pm we went and met our tour group - all really nice ppl there are 13 of us in total 2 couples and every1 is English except for 1 Ozzie, 1 American and 1 Canadian. Our tour guide is called Nicole she's really good.

After the tour group meeting we went for another Chinese meal and found out that we had paid sooo much for our 1st Chinese meal...in total with beer it came to about 2.50!

After that we went back to the hotel room and went 2 bed.


We got up early and met our tour guide for the day Kevin, and we went to Tianneman Square & the Forbidden City. It was cool really huge and there were so many ppl there. The Chinese dont get to see a lot of Blonde ppl or foreigners so they always want 2 take pictures its funny. We walked around there for a while then afterwards we went to a Chinese park opposite and walked up a hill we were so proud of ourselves for wlaking up this hill. We got really good view of Beijing and the Forbidden City it was really nice.

Afterwards we got a bus to The Pearl Market which s hillarious, they try to get you to buy stuff but they'r really aggressive they grab hold of you and dont let you leave! I got a massive bottle of Escada perfume for a fiver and some new I-Pod headphones for 2.50! Dani got a wkd pair of Rayban's for 8.00!

After that we walked around for a bit and got a McDonalds! (oh dear!) then went back to the hotel for quiet 1 ...We wanted to gt something to drink but they only sell beer so we brought some random drink for about 60p and later found out its Chinese Rice Wine - 56%!! haha we had the Great Wall of China to do in the morning!


Great Wall of China!!! We woke up about 7am , met our group and set off on a mini bus for the Great Wall...It's amazing when we 1st started walking we were all out of breath and hot but once we got into it it was so good walking up and down thousands of steps through the mountains it looked amazing... we walked to the highest point that we were allowed - the 20th lookout point and we were well happy! Going up thre were some points that were so stepp and actually a bit dodgy haha... on the ay down there were loads of options you could walk, get a toboggan(??) or a cable car.. we decided to walk...hardcore in China haha

That night Nicole took us to the night market where we all tried wierd bugs on sticks... Scorpions & Huge Bugs...1 of the blokes tried wasps...on a stick! nice hmmm They tasted awful!

After that we went out to a bar where it was a pound for Tequila Sunrises!! great! such a wierd place they were playing Electro house to start with then a Cuban band started it was great every1 was up and dancing and having a great time. It was definately a highlight... unfortunately 1 of the boys got his wallet stolen.. they took it and used his card in a Cafe round the corner! random!!


The next day we woke up with a bit of a hangover and managed to get our stuff together and meet Kevin the tour guide for a cycle tour through Beijing! It was amazing! Best hangover cure ever! the bikes were wkd we had bells on and everything! Beijing love thir bikes they have got a cycle lane which is about the width of 5 driving lanes on the motorway! Kevin also took us through the Beijing Hutongs so we could see the old parts of Beijing...it was a highlight... things look so different on a bike. We also saw the Beijing Opera Theatre.

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